104-year-old grandmother ‘arrested’ for being an upstanding citizen

104-year-old gran ‘arrested’ for being an upstanding citizen

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A 104-year-old grandmother has been “arrested” by police for being "an upstanding citizen" after she said it was her greatest wish.

Anne Brokenbrow – who has never committed a crime – grinned as local officers arrested her and drove her off in a police car.

Mrs Brokenbrow had told staff at her care home about her wish to be arrested as part of a charity scheme where residents wrote down what they wanted most.

On Thursday, police arrived at her care home in Stoke Bishop in Bristol to arrest her.



Mrs Brokenbrow said she’d had “a lovely day” because “nothing like that had ever happened” to her before.

She added: “What did it feel like being a criminal? Well it will make me much more careful of what I say and do. But the police were very nice throughout.”

PCSO Kelly Foyle helped in the arrest and described it as “the most unusual request” the police force has had.

“This all started when I received an email for the charity,” she said.

“We're part of the neighbourhood police team - this is our beat - and this is the most unusual request we've ever had certainly.”

She added: “She did come quietly, and she wanted to be handcuffed so we very gently applied the handcuffs and escorted her down to the police car.”


'She's got a great sense of humour'

Care home manager Alex said Anne was their first resident to be arrested by police.

She said: “Anne has been a resident here over 10 months, she's definitely a character – she's got a great sense of humour.

“She usually brings a smile to the carers' faces.

“We were a little bit surprised when she came up with her wish, who would expect from a 104 to want to be arrested.”

With the wishing washing line scheme only a couple of weeks old, Alex said it was great that their first resident's wish had been fulfilled in such a spectacular fashion.

She said: “We've got a couple of others – one resident wished to have bikers come here and rev the engines, and one would like to go in a Rolls Royce and have a ride.”

Alex said a motorcycle club had already volunteered to come to the home and fulfil the next resident's wish.