12-year-old commits suicide after being 'tortured' for starting period at school

12-year-old commits suicide after being punished for starting period at school

The girl had allegedly been told off for her period (Stock image)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A 12-year-old girl has committed suicide after being criticised by her teacher for having menstrual blood on her clothes and a school bench.

The child was at school in Tamil Nadu, India and left a suicide note citing the "torture" she suffered at school, according to The Nutcrack.

Her mother explained that the girl had started her period during a lesson, but wasn't prepared for this as she only started getting periods two months beforehand.

Other students in her class had then pointed out the stain and the girl asked to leave the classroom. However she was then allegedly told off by the teacher and taken to the headteacher's office.

It is claimed the principal then punished the child for not being ready for her period and mocked her for the situation she was in.

The note she left behind read "did I ever get reported when I was in Class VI? Then why is my Class VII teacher complaining about me? What mistake have I done that they’re torturing me like this? I don’t have any option. I must die.”

However, the teacher is claiming that the girl committed suicide due to achieving poor grades.

Protests have been taking place outside the school and the police have registered the issue as a case of abetment to suicide.

Roughly 23% of girls are thought to leave education due to menstruation in India, according to IndiaSpend.