12-year-old 'Isis jihadist' arrested in Germany for planting bomb in Christmas market

The boy was apparently instructed by an unnamed member of Islamic State

The device left at the market in Ludwigshafen failed to explode (stock photo)

Friday, December 16, 2016

A 12-year-old boy suspected of having links to Islamic State has been arrested in Germany after planting a bomb in a Christmas market.

The boy, of German-Iraqi origin, took the device to the market in the eastern city of Ludwigshafen on November 26, and attempted to detonate it.

When the device failed to explode the boy left the scene, but returned on December 5 and left the bomb hidden in a bag near the town hall.

A passer-by alerted the police to the bag and the device was destroyed in a controlled explosion. The boy was subsequently arrested and placed in a detention centre.

It is reported that the boy, born locally, was "strongly radicalised" and received instruction from an unknown member of Isis. 

The Local Germany reports that the bomb was fashioned out of fireworks and sparklers and, while flammable, did not have explosive capability.