16 men handed jail sentences as LGBT crackdown continues in Egypt

16 men handed jail sentences as LGBT crackdown continues in Egypt

The crackdown started after rainbow flags were waved

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sixteen men have been handed jail sentences after a Cairo court found them guilty of abnormal sexual relations and inciting debauchery as a crackdown on LGBT people in Egypt continues.

The men have each been given a three-year jail sentence however local media claims that they are attempting to appeal, according to The Independent.

The crackdown started after audience members at a Mashrou' Leilia concert waved rainbow flags on September 22.

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights has claimed at least 75 people have now been arrested in the country as a result of this.

Najia Bounaim, North Africa campaigns director for Amnesty International, has called for authorities in Egypt to "quash the sentences against the 16 men immediately and unconditionally release them.”

It is believed men who are detained and thought to be gay are usually examined in an attempt to discover whether they have had gay sex. Rights groups have slammed this as being against laws on human rights.

At least five men recently detained in Egypt have gone through this process.

Egypt does not have any laws against homosexuality itself but it is believed there is widespread discrimination against gay people in the country and a new law against homosexuals is thought to be in the pipeline.

This is likely to make same-sex sexual activity illegal as well as promoting or inciting homosexuality and having LGBT-friendly material.