16-year-old sentenced for putting teenage victims through violent four-hour kidnapping

16-year-old sentenced for putting teenagers through violent four hour kidnapping

The victims jumped into a canal out of fear (Stock image)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A schoolboy has been handed an 18-month youth offenders institute sentence, after he put two teenagers through a violent four-hour kidnapping.

It is claimed the 16-year-old boy from Huyton in Liverpool found "pleasure" in violence and he was rated as a "very high risk of harm" to others by the Youth Offending Team.

In June last year two teenagers were threatened with a knife, beaten up and robbed by the boy and his accomplice, according to The Liverpool Echo

The prosecution said the perpetrators first asked the two teenagers for cigarettes before following them as they walked along the street.

The victims were then told to follow the two boys or be stabbed and then the aggressors hit them with a bike saddle and snatched their phones, the court heard.

It is claimed the perpetrators then beat one of the boys until he agreed to steal a drink for them before telling them both to jump in the canal, which they did out of fear, and were then beaten up. It was said one of them was almost stabbed in the leg.

The judge at Liverpool Youth Court told the boy that she is concerned by him as he "demonstrated you got pleasure from some of the violence and control."

He admitted to two robbery charges, two kidnap charges, possessing the drug MDMA as well as threatening someone with a blade.

The other 14-year-old child involved in the kidnapping has been given a year-long Intensive Supervision and Surveillance order. This includes Youth Offending Team training and a curfew for three months.

The defence of both boys claimed they’d had hard childhoods and both regretted what they had done.