20 years in the making: Comedian films EVERYTHING as he chases his dreams

Comedian Ed Surname on his twenty-year film project

Comedian Ed Surname spent his life on camera from the age of 11

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ever been tempted to follow your dreams? Comedian Ed Surname was, and now he has turned his 20-year scrap for success into a warts-and-all feature film. 

Ed came into the studio to chat with Jake Yapp about his life's work, Ed Surname Unsolicited Material, which will be screened as part of August's Camden Fringe Festival in London. 

"I filmed my life for 20 years, 24 hours a day," he told Jake.

"[In the meantime] I did sketch comedy, radio, TV appearances, stand-up, and because I got all of this footage, I've been able to make this film about what it's like to follow your dreams in comedy. 

"I started doing it for fun, the end goal was never planned. It was only later I realised I could make a film out of it.

Having been filming himself and his family and friends since the age of 11, Surname is quick to point out that his movie is firmly rooted in reality.

"The project's never been done before," he said. "People see the trailer on YouTube and it throws up a lot of questions, because it looks like a 'mockumentary'.

"I can assure you it isn't. My dream was at war with my knowledge that it affected my family.

"It really looks at the narrative of what it's like to follow your dreams."