A 30-minute-old baby abandoned in empty playground in east London

A 30-minutes-old baby abandoned in snow-covered playground in east London

Newborn baby who was found in deserted playground in east London. Image: Jon Mills/SWNS.

Friday, February 1, 2019

A baby girl abandoned in a deserted playground in the snow was only just 30-minutes-old when she was found last night.

The newborn still had her umbilical cord attached when a passing dog walker heard her crying from a plastic bag left on the ground near a park bench.

Georgina Player, 26, who lives around the corner from the play area in East Ham said: "The police came knocking at midnight to tell us what happened.

"They said she was only 30-minutes-old when she was found - she even still had her umbilical cord.

"She's at Newham Hospital and I'm going to go there this afternoon to drop some things off for her - babygrows, milk, anything.

"I feel so bad for the little thing.

"She was left in a towel and plastic bag on the ground, next to the bench - not even on it.

"The police had sniffer dogs trying to find a blood trail but they couldn't, which makes me ask how she left in that state.

"Although it was dark, a lot of people pass through here. You have to walk past to get to the buses.

"I wish she knocked on the door for help but I think she knew someone would find the baby."


'So upsetting'

The playground in which a baby was found abandoned when only 30-minutes-old. Image: Matthew Newby/SNWS.

Slwek Pelka, 47, was walking his German shepherd through the play area just 15 minutes before the baby was found.

He said: "It's crazy to think I was there just before, it was totally empty apart from a man sitting on the bench.

"When the police and ambulance came, I thought maybe he had died.

"It was very cold and snowing."

Walter and Veronica Carvell aged 90 and 82 have lived on Saxon Road for 53 years added: "We've never heard of anything like it, it's so upsetting.

"A mother must have been desperate to have done that."