300 officers running on two hours sleep for Trump visit, says Police Federation

Friday, July 13, 2018

Over 300 police officers are expected to go on duty with only two hours sleep, says a spokesperson for the Police Federation

It was reported on Thursday that around 300 officers were being housed in gymnasiums in preparations for Donald Trump's first UK visit.

Conditions for the officers have been criticised, with female officers having to opt for rubberised matting instead of camping beds.

Talking to Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO Che Donald, Vice Chair Of Police Federation, said: "For 300 plus officers, they showed up to a gymnasium to what is effectively a camping bed and they were within three feet of the next camping bed, that was in one area.

"In another area female officers were expected to... they didn't have the luxury of beds. There was just some rubberised matting just placed on the floor. I'll be honest with you my wife's yoga mate is thicker than what they were sleeping on."

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Trump's visit to the UK has caused some controversy, with many planned protests around the country in reaction to his visit.

Mr Donald said that many of these officers are fatigued due to the conditions they're being housed in, with some only clocking in two hours sleep and some not even being fed.

"Well, yeah without a doubt that's why it's more important that our officers are well rested and well looked after," Donald told Julia after he was quizzed about the potential of the officers dealing with volatile protests.

"What we found was the officers that were housed in these conditions for the first night only got approximately two hours sleep.

"There were only five toilets available to over 300 hundred people, inadequate shower facilities, no hot water and some of them weren't fed.

"So you have this, and then you stick an officer out on the front line with protests in potential volatile situations when they're fatigued, it just doesn't bode well."

John Apter, chairman of the Hampshire Police Federation, said: "There's so much pressure on officers at the moment. Many are having rest days cancelled, working extended hours and this on top of it; do the bosses really care?

"It hits morale. It's tough at the moment, really tough and they don't deserve this - it's not right and it's not acceptable."