48,000 babies expected to be born in Rohingya refugee camps this year

48,000 babies expected to be born in Rohingya refugee camps this year

It is thought there will be 130 live refugee births each day

Friday, January 5, 2018

It is believed around 48,000 babies will born in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh this year.

Save the Children says the majority of the babies will be brought into the world with no access to healthcare and are likely to be at risk of becoming ill and malnourished.

The organisation believes this means the babies will be at a huge risk of dying before they reach the age of five, SBS News reported.

Rachael Cummings, Save the Children's health advisor for Cox's Bazar (an area of Bangladesh), has said her organisation expects there will be 130 live births in the camps every day.

She said: "Most babies will likely be born at home in basic tents, in part because of the shortage of quality, 24-hour health facilities able to handle and manage basic emergency obstetrics, as well as challenges accessing health care."

The woman has described the situation for babies born into the refugee camps as "truly heartbreaking."

Save the Children is calling on countries across the world to send aid to camps in Bangladesh to help pregnant women and women with babies.

The United Nations believes more than 655,000 Rohingya refugees have entered Bangladesh since an alleged crackdown on the minority began in Myanmar in August last year.

It started after it was claimed that Muslim insurgents attacked security posts in the country. The Rohingya people have often been disputed in Myanmar, as some claim they are actually illegal immigrants.