60-year-old woman attacked during feminist and transgender brawl

60-year-old woman attacked during feminist and transgender brawl

Clashes broke out between feminists and trans activists (Stock image)

Friday, October 27, 2017

Police are searching for three suspects after a 60-year-old woman was attacked in a brawl between radical feminists and transgender activists.

The Metropolitan Police has said Maria MacLachlan was punched in the face and kicked whilst on the ground, after one of the suspects tried to take her camera.

Although MacLachlan did not need medical treatment after the incident she was bruised and had grazes and marks.

At the time of the incident MacLachlan had been recording a talk on gender recognition in September in Hyde Park at Speakers' Corner, according to The Telegraph.

She told The Mail on Sunday that those who attacked her "looked different to the rest of us. There was quite a generation thing."

MacLachlan also said she had been keeping well out of the arguments which were breaking out at the event, but thought filming the scene would be interesting.

She claimed the person who tried to take the camera from her hands was wearing a hoodie to cover their eyes.

Police suspect those responsible include a man and two people thought to be transgender.

Videos posted online show campaigners with signs against misogyny as well as the phrase TERFs, which is an abbreviation of trans-exclusionary radical feminists, against another group of people.