60,000 bees stolen from farm in Scotland

60,000 bees stolen from farm in Scotland

Friday, September 21, 2018

Around 60,000 bees have been stolen from a farm in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, by thieves with specialist knowledge.

Four hives were taken from the premsises in Blackhills, near Peterhead in Eastern Scotland, at some point between Saturday and Tuesday.

Each hive would have contained up to 15,000 bees.

David Morland, chairman of the Aberdeen and District Beekeepers' Association, said the theft was "very upsetting" as he believes it would have been another beekeeper who carried out the crime.

This is because it would have taken expert knowledge to remove them.

PC Markus Al-Khalidi said: "We are appealing for witnesses following the theft of beehives from the Blackhills area of Peterhead between Saturday and Tuesday."