Abi Wilkinson: 'The idea that Corbyn bribed people with tuition fees is mad'

'It's not grim being young today and previous generations didn't walk on a pavement of gold'

Jeremy Corbyn enjoyed huge success among young voters at the election (Stock image)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Left-wing commentator Abi Wilkinson has said it's "mad" to attribute Jeremy Corbyn's electoral success to tuition fees, as his appeal among students is far more widespread.

Critics have suggested that Corbyn's pledge to abolish tuition fees amounts to a bribe and this is the sole reason he received so much support from students in last week's election.

But Wilkinson, appearing alongside Conservative Woman co-editor Laura Perrins, said: "This idea that it was all about university tuition fees was just mad.

"It is the overall vision. The manifesto presented a realistic but exciting vision. People want a society where they can get on, there’s nothing wrong about that."

Wilkinson also suggested it was grim to be a kid these days. But Perrins disputed this idea, saying "it’s really not that grim being young today - they are a much more comfortable generation than previously.

"The idea that they’re having it tough is something that needs to be challenged. Obviously house prices have risen but it’s simply not the case that the older generation was walking on a pavement of gold."

She believes "the solutions proposed by Corbyn would lead to complete economic disaster" and now "the Conservatives have to come back and say 'we all want a better society'" to gain popularity.

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