'Absolute brilliance' - Yvette Cooper steals the show at PMQs

'Absolute brilliance' - Yvette Cooper steals the show at PMQs

The MP for Pontefract and Castleford asked Theresa May a rather difficult question

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

This week's Prime Minister's Questions was, naturally, the subject of particularly close attention in light of Theresa May's announcement of an early election.

There were questions about tax and broken Tory promises from Jeremy Corbyn, greeted with rebuttals and insults from Theresa May. 

But as Mr Corbyn struggled to land a decisive blow on Theresa May, his former Labour leadership rival Yvette Cooper stole the show.

The MP for Pontefract and Castleford pulled up the Prime Minister on her claim that Parliament had been blocking her from enacting her Brexit plan. 

Cooper pointed out a majority of the House of Commons and the Lords had voted in favour of the Brexit bill, asking: "Isn't the truth we can't believe a word she says?"

And Twitter has heaped praise on her for it. 

See the reaction below: