'Abysmal presentation' - Damian Green criticised over sexual harassment and arms sales in PMQs

'Abysmal presentation' - Damian Green criticised over sexual harassment and arms sales in PMQs

The wrong spelling of Damian Green was trending on Twitter

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Damian Green has been criticised on Twitter for his performance at PMQs over sexual harassment and arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Green was standing in for Theresa May today (November 29) and was asked to apologise to victims of sexual harassment after several high-profile Tories were accused. One of them, Michael Fallon, was forced to step down as defence secretary after revelations from two journalists - freelance writer Jane Merrick and talkRADIO presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer.

Labour MP John Mann said such people have been let down by the Government, which should have been leading by example.

However the Deputy Prime Minister refused to apologise, instead he said "all of the political parties need to improve complaints procedures and other aspects of the culture."

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford also criticised the Government for its arms sales to Saudi Arabia, saying children in Yemen are being killed and this needs to be stopped.

Green responded by saying UK companies will receive money from the sales and therefore their workers too. Without the sales, Green said, there would be "significant job losses."

However he added: “Now what is very important not only that we have the robust regime which I talked about but that absolutely we continue the humanitarian efforts that we make to try and alleviate the terrible conditions in Yemen.”

Many on Twitter have hit out at Green for these comments. Some have pointed out that Theresa May's close ally has himself been accused of having extreme porn on his office computer, with others sugesting he is saying jobs are more important than children's lives in war-torn countries.

However, despite Green's high-profile role, few people on Twitter appear to know how to spell his name, as "Damien Green" was trending earlier.

Emily Thornberry was also mentioned by some Twitter users for her performance in place of Jeremy Corbyn, as they claimed she was "calm, assured and incisive" and "wiped the floor" with Green.

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