Academic fired for 'racist' research hits back with online 'FAQ'

Noah Carl

The academic was accused of carrying out "racist pseudoscience"

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

An academic who was fired for allegedly conducting "racist" research has hit back at his critics in a blog post.

Sociologist Noah Carl was removed from his fellowship at Cambridge University after a panel said his work was “problematic”, with students and staff claiming his writings on race and intelligence helped "legitimise racist stereotypes".

But Mr Carl has now published a response to his sacking online, dismissing claims he was carrying out “racist pseudoscience”.

"Needless to say, my interpretation of events differs from that of the College," he wrote, adding that he was "receiving legal advice".

The panel's inquiry into Mr Carl took place after an open letter calling for an investigation into his "ethically suspect" work garnered 1,400 signatures.

However, Mr Carl said that the open letter demonstrated a "basic lack of understanding" of his work.

Among the criticisms of the academic was his association with outlets such as anti-Islam website,, which was mentioned in the manifesto of terrorist Anders Breivik.

"This is pure guilt-by-association, and cannot be taken seriously as a criticism," Mr Carl said.

"I checked in Anders Breivik’s manifesto, and he also mentions The Journal of African History, Journal of Asian and African Studies, The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, and Wikipedia…".

Mr Carl added that he would be responding to the university's statement regarding his sacking - which appears to have been deleted from the St Edmund's College website - "in due course".

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