Academy trust spent £4,000 on teacher training workshop with Oscar Pistorius' 'psychic' aunt

Crystal ball

Friday, October 12, 2018

An academy trust spent almost £4,000 on a teacher training workshop with Oscar Pistorius' 'psychic' aunt, it has emerged.

The Schools Company Trust, which is due to close down, paid £3,975 to bring Dr Micki Pistorius over from South Africa to deliver a staff training session on the adolescent brain in October 2016, Schools Week newspaper revealed.

Dr Pistorius, who is related to disgraced Paralympian Oscar, says she has "cryptesthesia”, which is defined as a form of telepathy or "sixth sense".


'Disturbing and upsetting'

A number of staff in attendance at the training session told Schools Week that it was "disturbing and upsetting", with Dr Pistorius reportedly showing graphic images of murder victims, including children, with a focus on human mutilation.

However, a letter from the Schools Company Trust posted on Dr Pistorius' website claims "all members of staff" found the session "interesting and informative".

The joint general secretary of the National Education Union, Mary Bousted, said it was "beggars' belief" the session had been able to take place, claiming taxpayers' money had been "squandered".

At the time of the session, the Schools Company Trust ran three Pupil Referral Units for vulnerable children unable to attend mainstream schools, and a secondary school in Kent. 



The trust is set to close down at the end of this academic year with a deficit of around £8 million.

In her book, Catch Me a Killer, Dr Pistorius claims she was the first psychological profiler appointed to the South African police service, and used her "cryptesthesia” to aide her understanding of serial killers.

She wrote: “I prefer applying this big word to myself rather than be described as psychic, which to me conjures up the image of a gypsy with a crystal ball of cup of tea-leaves."