Accident at Australia's Dreamworld theme park leaves four dead

Dreamworld was closed following the accident (Wikipedia)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Four people have died in an accident at Australia's Dreamworld themepark, according to local police officials.

The accident took place on the Thunder River Rapids attraction. Two of the victims were women and all were aged between their early 30s and early 40s.

Queensland ambulance workers said two of the victims were thrown off the ride, which takes visitors round an artificial river in rafts, while two other people became trapped inside.

The park has been closed and an investigation begun into the causes of the incident.

Dreamwork bills itself as Australia's biggest theme park, with more than 50 rides and attractions. 

Speaking to Australian broadcaster ABC, eyewitness Lisa Capes said she saw people running from the ride in tears.

"I was speaking to one of the guys and he said it was the raft or the boat thing in front of him, the whole thing flipped and everyone was screaming," she told reporters.