Actor James Buckley claims he's not made for showbiz and reveals his dream job

Actor James Buckley claims he's not made for showbiz and reveals his dream job

James Buckley joined Sam Delaney

Friday, October 20, 2017

Actor James Buckley has revealed that he doesn't think he's made for the industry and his dream job would be in China, so he could come home and not be recognised.

Buckley, best known for playing Jay in The Inbetweeners, told Sam Delaney he doesn't actually think he's made for the industry and his "dream job would maybe be in a hit TV show in China and I go over there and I make it for six weeks and I do that once a year and that pays all the bills and I come home but nobody knows who I am."

He said "I don’t know how to play the game. I don’t know how to do what I’m supposed to do" but he "absolutely loves [acting] it and that’s just the best job."

Buckley explained he loves spending time with his children and so "I do turn a lot of stuff down, it does annoy a lot of people I’m just quite stubborn and quite choosy. I was like that before I could afford to be as well."

The actor said his favourite roles to play are ones where he has to do things he "wouldn’t dream of behaving like that in my real life. I’d like to think I'm quite thoughtful and polite so it’s nice to do stuff that is such a departure from yourself."

He plays Brian in Steve Coogan's fantasy series Zapped and said to work with Coogan is "really good. I mean I never told him this to his face because it would be bizarre but he’s my hero, he’s a huge hero of mine."

However sadly for fans of The Inbetweeners Buckley said a show reunion probably won't happen as "I think we did as much as we could get away with and to do any more would maybe be just one too many bites of the cherry.”

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