Actor Ricky Whittle on his career, football and new series American Gods

Actor Ricky Whittle on acting, football and new series American Gods

Ricky Whittle joined Paul Ross

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Actor Ricky Whittle joined Paul Ross to discuss his career, football and new series American Gods.

Whittle plays main character and ex-convict Shadow Moon in new Amazon Prime series American Gods.

He said that he's in a "constant state of jetlag" as he's travelling around to promote the show, but that working as an actor is about "hard work, sacrifice and that little bit of luck" and not going to parties.

Whittle also revealed that he had to move his scenes around whilst filming the show, so that fellow actor Ian McShane could travel back to England to film promotions with George Clooney for Nespresso.

The actor also used to play football, but revealed he had to hang up his boots as he's "not getting paid for it" and is getting older.

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