Actor Sam Claflin's cow encounter terror

Actor Sam Claflin on cows, mud and piggybacks

Claflin and co-star Emilia Clarke found themselves in a muddy situation

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Actor Sam Claflin has told of a terrifying encounter with a large group of cows, in the company of fellow stars Emilia Clarke and Matt Lewis.

During the shoot of his latest film, Me Before You, it was suggested the cast go for a walk. Things didn't turn out too well.

"We started walking through a field," he told Jon Holmes. "It got very muddy very quickly and Matt was wearing appropriate footwear. Me and Emilia weren't, so I'd got her on my back.

"All of a sudden we were kind of having a Mexican stand off with 50 cows. We panicked and ran through bushes, but then they started circling round and quite literally trapped us.

"We eventually managed to escape, got back to the hotel. I remember going to the bathroom and in front of my face was a picture of a cow. I quite literally nearly did the other thing."

Me Before You tells the story of Will Traynor (Claflin), who is paralysed in a motorcycle accident. Lou Clark (Clarke) looks after him, and they influencing each others' lives in a huge way.

The Hunger Games star made the decision to become an actor after previously playing sport.

"I decided for myself after breaking my ankle maybe football wasn't for me, and I fell into drama. Anything [where] you don't have to read and write!"