Adolf Hitler's underwear up for auction in Maryland

Boxer shorts belonging to Adolf Hitler up for auction in Maryland

The boxers are expected to see for up to $5000 (£3670) (Credit: Twitter @Knights_Auction)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A pair of boxer shorts which are reported to have been worn by Adolf Hitler are up for auction in the United States. 

The shorts were apparently left by the Nazi Party leader following a 1938 stay at the Austrian Parkhotel Graz hotel. 

The family owners of the hotel held onto the monogrammed boxer shorts for decades, before a member of the family decided to auction them off. 

Described as being in a "as-new condition", the waist measures at roughly 39 inches, which is larger than expected, but has been attributed to the dictator apparently preferring loose clothing

The underwear is expected to sell for up to $5000 (£3670). 

This is not the only item belonging to Adolf Hitler thought to sell well at auction - a signed copy of Mein Kampf is expected to go for around $20,000 (£15,000).