Afghan refugees speak out about being attacked by Taliban, Islamic State and US

Afghan refugees speak out about being attacked by Taliban, Islamic State and US

Many refugees are living near Jalalabad (Stock image)

Monday, August 7, 2017

Afghan people have spoken out about having to flee from their homes after being caught up in fighting by the Taliban, Islamic State and US forces.

They are now living near Jalalabad in an unfinished university building, according to RT.

The area is home to roughly 1,500 people who have been forced to leave their homes and many are from Afghanistan's Nangarhar Province.

Recently the Taliban has increased its attacks and a key area in the north of the country was seized by the group last week.

A film has been made by Ruptly showing the refugees and one man who is from Haska Meyna claimed: “Islamic State militants slaughtered our uncle, saying he was a spy, so we left our homes as they said the next day they will also kill us.”

A refugee from Achin also said: “Islamic state militants attacked our village, and now we don't have anything. Everything has been destroyed by shells and drone aircrafts."

Another person displaced by fighting in the district of Achin added: “Islamic State groups brutally attacked civilians, the Afghanistan National Army and foreign forces came to the battlefield and then the US used the 'mother of all bombs' in our village."

"The mother of all bombs" was dropped on a suspected Isis hideout in Achin and it killed more than 90 militants. It is the most powerful non-nuclear weapon available.

It is not thought to have killed any civilians, but it did damage villages near the suspected hideout.

Children have also spoken about their experiences in the video. One said: "We were there in the school, I was a student in our village. Here I can’t study. We left our homes because of war."


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