'After Berlin and Ankara attacks, UK needs its own Donald Trump to stamp out terrorism' says James Whale caller

Caller tells James Whale: 'The UK needs its own Donald Trump to take control of terrorism'

Paul believes we need our own Donald Trump

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A passionate caller to the James Whale show has said the UK needs its own Donald Trump to take control of terrorism.

Caller Paul told James "we need a Donald Trump to get control of the situation and to speak the truth," adding that we are "in a war" with radical Islam and must fight jihad "at every corner."

However James believes the very fact Mr Trump has been elected "could take us all further and closer to hell than anything else."

Paul added: “Islam doesn’t want to live harmoniously with us, Islam wants to take over. We’re in a war, we’ve got to fight back with every means possible.

“I remember when the Cold War came to an end, people said we were entering this glorious period of peace. [But] the old rivalries which go back centuries are going to be sparked up again."

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