After Ukip's 'Premier League rip-off' controversy, here are some more logo ideas

We have some logo suggestions for Ukip
Option Number One
Option Number Two
Option Number Three
Option Number Four
Option Number Five

We thought we'd help the party out

Friday, September 29, 2017

In light of the criticism surrounding Ukip's latest logo attempt, we've got some more suggestions for them.

The logo, which says 'UKIP For The Nation' and is accompanied by a lion's head, has been compared to another logo, that of the Premier League. 

Following the barrage of criticism, perhaps our friends at Ukip towers are ready to go back to the drawing board.

So, to help them along, here are some other famous logos Ukip could rip off--sorry, use as inspiration.

Option Number One: 

Ukip could always take a leaf out of the Volvo playbook and use this instead. Not sure how Volvo would feel about it though.

Option Number Two:

This seems like an option to really appeal to people with children - model the logo after Toys R US. Although given the American toy firm's recent problems, perhaps it's not the best model to use right now.

Option Number Three: 

Dell has been a solid and proper technology company for many years. Ukip could model their logo after them. 

Option Number Four: 

Durex is a popular company and highly in demand for obvious reasons, so why not model their logo after them? The party is dedicated to keeping the country safe, after all.

Option Number Five: 

If Ukip are looking for something more daring, more exotic, then why not try this? This logo denotes an American company called Analtech (no puns, if you please) which provide thin layer chromatography plates to more than 40 countries across six continents.