Al-Aqsa crisis: Palestinian leaders tell Israel they reject any alternatives to electronic gates

Five Palestinians died in last week's protests

The new security measures have sparked huge protests

Monday, July 24, 2017

Senior Palestinian sources have said they reject all alternatives to the electronic security barriers installed at the Al-Aqsa mosque last week.

Yesterday it was widely reported that Israeli officials were willing to consider alternatives to the electronic equipment, which were introduced following an attack by two Palestinian gunmen but have sparked huge protests since their installation.

In response to the news, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, was quoted as saying: “We only accept that the situation returns to what it was before July 14 [the date of the attack].

“All other Israeli measures at Al-Aqsa are rejected."

Palestinian leaders say the security measures contravene their religioous freedom, and the issue is particularly tense as the Al-Aqsa mosque is among the holiest sites in Islam.

Thousands took to the streets in protest, leading to clashes which claimed the lives of five Palestinians.

This has led to further problems, with a stabbing reported in the West Bank and Israeli planes carrying out aerial bombardments in Gaza.

Tenson has also erupted in Jordan, where an Israeli security guard at his country's embassy shot and killed an assailant as well as a bystander.