Al-Aqsa mosque reopens - but many Palestinians refuse to enter

Al-Aqsa mosque compound reopens but new security measures mean many refuse to enter

Many chanted outside the compound

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Israel has reopened after a shooting - but many Muslim worshippers are refusing to enter.

This is because new security measures have been put in place such as cameras and metal detectors, according to The Express Tribune.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled the new measures on Saturday (July 15) by saying: “This evening I held a discussion with the top security leadership and I instructed that metal detectors be placed at the entrance gates to the Temple Mount.

“We will also install security cameras on poles outside the Temple Mount, which give almost complete control over what goes on there.”

Last week two Israeli policemen were killed near the compound, allegedly by Palestinian gunmen, the attackers were then killed by police and the compound was closed.

As some entered the compound when it reopened yesterday (July 16) they shouted Allahu Akbar, meaning god is greatest.

However roughly 150 people decided to hold their own midday prayers outside the compound to protest against new measures.

Sheikh Omar Kiswani, the Al-Aqsa director, said: “We reject the changes imposed by the Israeli government. We will not enter through these metal detectors.”

A funeral procession also tried to enter the area with a coffin, however it could not get through.​

Previously plans were created to install cameras in the area by Israel and Jordan, however this failed as the way in which they should operate was not agreed.