Al-Qaeda soldiers driven from key Yemen region after 'military sweep'

Al-Qaeda soldiers withdraw from Yemen region after 'military sweep'

A group believed to be al-Qaeda fighters are seen here. The jihadist group have been driven from a key Yemeni province, marking a major step forward in the campaign to banish them from Yemen

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Soldiers of Al-Qaeda in Yemen have been flushed out of a key region after a military 'sweep operation'.

The action, which appears to have been a joint operation between Yemeni and United Arab Emirate forces, forced the withdrawal of the militants from al-Wadea in the south of the country. 

Sources claim this region - where President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi comes from - has been out of the control of pro-government forces for months.

The region in the province of Abyane was taken back by the operation led by UAE military officials without resistance.

Fighters retreated to a location in the Al-Mahfad area on the border of Abyane and neighbouring province Shabwa, where the terror group still has a strong base. 

The Pentagon says members of the US special forces assisted with the operation.