Alan Sugar: ‘No matter what May delivers, the public won’t be happy’

Alan Sugar: ‘No matter what May delivers, the public won’t be happy’

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Alan Sugar has said that “it was a bad deal” for the British public to vote to leave the EU and that no matter what the Prime Minister delivers, the public will not be happy.

Lord Sugar told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “I think Theresa May is doing the best she can.

“No matter what she does, no matter what she delivers at the end of this Brexit fiasco, the general public is not going to be happy with it.

“She is going to be unpopular whatever happens because people want to complain it is a bad deal, whatever the deal.

“It was a bad deal for the British public to vote to leave, but it is done.”

This comes as MPs return to Westminster from summer recess on Tuesday, as Mrs May’s Brexit proposal has been rejected by EU negotiator Michel Barnier.


‘He is anti-everything’

Lord Sugar said: “As far as Corbyn is concerned, I just don’t understand that man.

“He could stop all this nonsense at the moment by making a clear and concise statement and take the lead of his party and just sign up to this thing today and get it over with.

“His resistance to do so in my opinion, sends a message out and the message is that he doesn’t care.”

He added: “There are some fears that if he ever becomes Prime Minister that it will be an intolerable place to live.

“It is not just about antisemitism but just generally his extreme left-wing approach: anti-business, anti-enterprise, anti-everything.

“The man is undescribable.”