Alastair Campbell: Boris Johnson goading people into rebellion

Monday, September 2, 2019

Alastair Campbell has accused Boris Johnson of failing to unify the country and “making no effort whatsoever to spell out honestly the consequences” of a no-deal Brexit.

The former adviser to Tony Blair told talkRADIO’s Nick De Bois he believed the Prime Minister was trying to turn “Parliament against the people”.

“It does seem to me that Johnson at the moment is literally trying to goad people into rebellion, so that he can say ‘we must have a general election’,” he said.

“Why does he want a general election when Brexit has not been resolved? Might the answer be because actually he doesn’t have a strategy for Brexit, he doesn’t have a plan for Brexit?”

He added: “This whole thing about trying to turn Parliament against the people and the people against Parliament - that is a very dangerous thing to do.”

Mr Campbell spoke after a speech from Mr Blair in which his former boss called for Labour to oppose any moves for a general election until Brexit was resolved.

He said Labour should not “fall into the elephant trap” of backing a general vote if Parliament is unable to agree.

The former Prime Minister said he supports the use of legislation to prevent a no-deal Brexit instead of launching a vote of no-confidence.

Mr Campbell said Mr Johnson is a “gambler” who thinks he can win and MPs must resist.

“He’s making no effort to unify the country, he’s making no effort whatsoever to spell out honestly the consequences of the actions that he is taking,” he said.

“I think these MPs need to really stand up, not just for what they believe but also for parliamentary democracy which we’re meant to be.”

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