Alastair Campbell: Mike Graham is 'angry and discombobulated'

Mike Graham and Alastair Campbell

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Discussions got heated between talkRADIO’s Mike Graham and former spin-doctor Alastair Campbell today as the pair disagreed over whether MPs were deliberately obstructing Brexit.

Mr Campbell, a prominent People’s Vote supporter accused Graham of being “angry and discombobulated” because MPs “aren’t doing what you want them to do”.

Graham replied that MPs were just “nitpicking” at the details to try to prevent Theresa May’s deal being passed.



“The problem we have here Alastair is we have too many people who are lawyers and they're doing what lawyers do and are nitpicking around the deal and trying to prevent it from happening. Sometimes you just have to do the deal," Graham said.

But Campbell argued that the fundamental tension came from the fact that MPs were now having to interpret 'misleading' promises made in the referendum.

He added:  “You cannot pretend to me that the deal that Theresa May is putting forward is what the Brexiteers promised in the referendum, you cannot tell me that the Brexit promised by Boris Johnson, Davis, Fox and the other ultras is deliverable based on what we know now.”

Graham hit back at the former spin-doctor, pointing out that “people like you Alastair always say that politics is a moveable feast and you don’t always get what you’re promised.”


Theresa May’s leadership has been “woeful”

The pair did manage to agree on one thing however- that Theresa May’s leadership of the negotations had been “woeful.”

Campbell said: “It is a very confusing set of affairs, and it’s a consequence of MPs legitimately looking at the details of Theresa May’s deal, deciding that it’s a pretty rum deal, and deciding that there’s no way now of doing this Brexit without doing considerable damage to the British economy and livelihoods. 

“Meanwhile I think her leadership has been woeful, she’s kicking the can down the road, she’s basically decided, I don’t know whether its her ego or what, that her sacred duty, the national interest is to deliver her deal.”

Graham added: “I don’t agree with almost everything he says, apart from the fact that Theresa May is making a complete dog’s breakfast of it all, but at least she's trying to do what the nation voted for."