Alastair Campbell: PM's general election bid ‘anti-democratic’

Friday, October 25, 2019

Tony Blair's former spin doctor has urged Jeremy Corbyn to reject Boris Johnson’s bid to hold a December 12 general election, saying a pre-Christmas poll is a “terrible idea”.

Alastair Campbell told talkRADIO’s Cristo Foufas the move was born of Mr Johnson's "absolute desperation" and "inability" to deliver Brexit.

“I know it’s difficult, I know people are sick to their back teeth of it and they want to see the back of it but Johnson’s deal will not get Brexit done," he said.

The government has argued that if Brussels delays the Brexit until January 31 – as requested, contrary to Prime Minister’s wishes – an election is the only way to get Parliament “functioning again”.

Mr Johnson has attempted to convince MPs to back an early election by offering them more time to scrutinise his Withdrawal Agreement Bill in return.

But Mr Campbell, who is a staunch campaigner for a second referendum, has criticised Mr Johnson’s attempt to dissolve Parliament as “anti-democratic”.

He said: “The people voted for this Parliament. Johnson now wants a new Parliament, not because he’s a great democrat but because actually he’s anti-democratic.

“He hasn’t got the bottle to put his deal to the people in the way that it should be put, which is in a referendum.”

Mr Campbell claimed that Brexit should be put back to the people because “the country’s view is changing”.

He added: “We are no longer debating about fantasies, we’re debating about fact and the facts are this is a terrible deal.”

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