Alastair Campbell: 'Theresa May is not the problem, Brexit is the problem'

Alastair Campbell

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Alastair Campbell has claimed there are "no winners" in the Brexit process, and called for a People's Vote.

The former director of communications for Tony Blair, said the biggest "loser" in Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal agreement was the "future" of the United Kingdom.

"Theresa May is not the problem, Brexit is the problem," Mr Campbell told Julia Hartley-Brewer. "The big loser is the United Kingdom and our future."



He added: "Call a People's Vote, put this back to the people. Yes, I accept that is difficult and divisive, but the country is divided on this and this process."

Mr Campbell said that Brexit secretary Dominic Raab's resignation proved that the Prime Minister's draft deal "was not going to fly", and that the two options left were a no-deal Brexit, or no Brexit at all.

"Her deal is not going to fly, there's no doubt about that, Dom Raab's resignation makes that clear


'It's no-deal, or it's no Brexit'

"We're going to have to confront the real choice, it's no-deal, and in my mind all the damage that does to the country, or it's no Brexit. 

"We're running out of time. At some point, somebody grown up is going to have to get a grip of this and demand more time."



Health secretary Matt Hancock told talkRADIO this morning that a no-deal Brexit or a People's Vote were "both ugly" options for the country.

"The alternative of no-deal or second referendum are both ugly," Mr Hancock told Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"I'll tell you what people around the country want, they want us to get on with it. They want us to deliver on the Brexit that people voted for and that's exactly what this deal does."