Alastair Campbell: Theresa May is ‘not a top-level Prime Minister’

Alastair Campbell: Theresa May is ‘not a top-level Prime Minister’

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Alastair Campbell has described Theresa May as not a “top-level Prime Minister” instead saying that she had handled the Brexit negotiations “terribly”.

The former Downing Street Press Secretary told talkRADIO’s Eamonn Holmes: “If there was an election tomorrow, based on what Jeremy Corbyn and Barry Gardiner have been saying, one assumes that the policy is ‘respect the referendum’ and  a different sort of Brexit.

“If there was a referendum tomorrow, the vast bulk of us are saying that we would vote to stay.

“That seems to be the conundrum that Labour still hasn’t addressed. I do think that both the main parties need to wake up and see that this is being driven towards a People’s Vote.

“Because, look at the shambles that we are sitting in here. It is a mess.

“She has handled the negotiations terribly, she is not a top-level Prime Minister I would say.

“But it is not all about her, it is about Brexit. There is now no Brexit that is not going to damage the future, no Brexit that is not going to make us poorer and there is no Brexit that bares any relation to back in the unicorns, lies and delusions.

“That is the truth that all the politicians should be saying to the people.”


'Biggest parliamentary defeat' 

Anti-Brexit campaigners outside of the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday

Campbell added that Theresa May cancelled the meaningful vote on her deal because she was going to have the “biggest parliamentary defeat of any Prime Minister in our lifetime”.

The vote was set to take place on Tuesday afternoon but was cancelled at short notice by the Prime Minister on Monday afternoon. 

“She pulled the vote because she was going down to possibly the biggest Parliamentary defeat any Prime Minister has suffered in our lifetime," said Campbell. 

“You can’t tweak the backstop and the only reason the backstop is there is because of the combination of the Good Friday Agreement, when we had strong and stable government, and the red lines that she put down.

“That is why the backstop exists so yesterday she went to the European leaders and said ‘you know that thing I wanted, can I renegotiate it please?’”