Alcohol, parties and awkward questions - The shocking allegations made against MPs

Alcohol, parties and awkward questions - The shocking allegations made against MPs

Many allegations have been made against MPs (Stock image)

Monday, October 30, 2017

From explicit messages to sex toys, allegations against MPs are varied and surprising.

A spreadsheet has been partially released by Guido Fawkes and includes allegations of poor behaviour and sexual harassment against 36 MPs. It is claimed that it was put together by Conservative aides and staffers.

Other allegations have also recently come to light against other political figures and it is claimed a WhatsApp group included allegations made by aides against high profile political figures.

Theresa May has now said asked Commons Speaker John Bercow to implement new rules of the behaviour of MPs and said the alleged problem "cannot be tolerated any longer."

While full details about the alleged incidents are sparse, information that has already been released is quite shocking. Take a look at some examples below.

Mark Garnier

Tory MP Mark Garnier admitted that he called his secretary Caroline Edmonson "sugar t**s" and asked her to by him sex toys. Edmonson said the toys were for his wife and a constituency staff member. However Garnier has said that claims made about these instances have been taken out of context.

Stephen Crabb

The current Conservative MP and former Cabinet minister has admitted to sending “pretty outrageous things” in what has been described as explicit messages to a 19-year-old woman. Before this she had sent an application in to work in his office. Previous reports also claim Crabb sent messages to a woman who was roughly half his age about a sex act.

Christmas party groping

The Mirror was told by a woman working in Westminster that a senior advisor groped her during a Christmas party. She also claimed she thought one Tory MP and one Labour MP had acted inappropriately. However she has suggested their names may never come out due to "institutional bullying" in the Tory Party. This was disputed by a Conservative spokesperson who said all allegations are take "incredibly seriously" and the party advises alleged victims to got to the police.

Foreign trip

Labour MP John Mann suggested another MP had to be sent home from a trip abroad due to "inappropriate behaviour." He made the comment in the House of Commons and also tweeted: “I will be naming a Labour MP who behaved appalling towards a young woman," although it is not known if this is the same person.

A backbencher and alcohol

The redacted spreadsheet on 36 Tory members released by Guido Fawkes showed one backbencher accused of being "perpetually intoxicated and very inappropriate with women."

An inappropriate question

The Sunday Times claimed a former Conservative minister asked a secretary to “come and feel the length of my d***." It is also claimed women working with the MP were warned not to get into a lift if he was also travelling in it.