Alex Salmond says Scotland should hold second referendum after Brexit 'humiliation'

Salmond said Scotland will be ready for a new independence vote after Brexit

Alex Salmond defended his successor as SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Former Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has said Scotland needs a new independence referendum - but it shouldn't be called until the Brexit "humiliation" is apparent.

Salmond spoke to his Scottish National Party colleague John Nicolson on talkRADIO this afternoon, two months after both men lost their seats at Wesminster in the general election.

Despite the SNP's disappointing performance in the June vote, Salmond insisted that Nicola Sturgeon, his successor as party leader, was right to demand a new referendum. However the "timing of the [general] election was very bad for the SNP" as the referendum strategy was “designed to come into fruition in to or three years time when Brexit played out."

Although Sturgeon has now shelved the referendum demand, Salmond said it should be revisited when Britain has left the European Union.

"Even now, I think, people are realising the full extent of the Brexit disaster more than they were a couple of months ago," Salmond said.

To make his point, he referenced an article in the Financial Times which suggested Brexit will result in one of three eventualities: "abject humilitation, a big humiliation or just a humiliation." Once this embarrassment has hit home, Salmond believes, the people of Scotland will be ready to secede.

Salmond, who has previously served two stints as an MP, refused to rule out standing for a third time, telling John it's something he'll consider further down the line.

For now, however, he is occupied with a show at Edinburgh Fringe, which is being played out this month and will feature a special guest in each performance. 

Although Salmond says Donald Trump will not be appearing in person, he said he may be mentioned in the show as he knew him "extremely well."

"He has a certain charm incidentally when you’re agreeing with him," Salmond revealed."The difficulty with Donald is, when you stop agreeing with him, then the charm fades very quickly."

He added: "Trump is not stupid. I just think he has a vast range of lack of knowledge. You could fill a vast range of encyclopedias with the stuff that Donald Trump doesn’t know."

This isn't because "he’s not bright enough, it’s just because I don’t think he considers a lot of things worth knowing about."

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