Alexis Conran's battleplan for outsmarting scammers

Alexis Conran on how you can outsmart the scammers

Our presenter came in to give some scams advice over breakfast

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hustler-supreme Alexis Conran has offered advice on how to avoid falling into the traps set by scammers.

The presenter, who presents The Radio Hustle here on talkRADIO, spoke to our Full Set Breakfast host about how you can outsmart the charlatans and conmen.

"Scammers have become very good at convincing people they are who they say they are," he told Paul Ross. "What they do next is what we're concentrating on with the Take Five campaign [an anti-fraud initiative]. 

"We all know you shouldn't give your credit card numbers to people they don't know, but the new bit is to take five minutes before you do anything. 

"You get an offer, no matter how good it sounds, no matter how convinced you are they are genuine, take five minutes to think about it, because what all scammers do is they try to rush you to make a decision."