Alfie Dingley: 'Without cannabis I'd be screeching in unbelievable pain', says multiple sclerosis sufferer

Alfie Dingley: 'Without cannabis I'd be in screeching in unbelievable pain', says multiple sclerosis sufferer

The anonymous caller said she self-medicates with cannabis (Stock image)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A woman who uses cannabis illegally to ease symptoms of multiple sclerosis has claimed without it she be "screeching in unbelievable pain".

Alfie Dingley, a six-year-old boy who has epilepsy, is to give a petition of more than 370,000 signatures to Downing Street today (March 20) asking for a medical cannabis licence as it has been found to help with his symptoms. The child can suffer up to 150 seizures each month.

An anonymous woman who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a decade ago told Jamie East and Vicki Butler-Henderson that she self-medicates with cannabis.

She said without doing this "the pain, would be screeching. I’d be going up the walls because the pain is unbelievable I can’t even put it into words."

The woman claimed it took eight weeks before doctors would refer her for diagnosis of the condition as she was "originally told you’re getting aches and pains you’re getting on a bit" despite only being 34.

When she asked her doctor about medical cannabis "my GP spent one hour with me and gave me a lecture on drug abuse" which left her feeling "ashamed."

After deciding to illegally use cannabis she said she found she'd "get up without being in pain I could sit own without being in pain I could walk further it was and I also had more confidence in my limbs as well."

Senior policy analyst at Transform, which calls for drugs to be legally regulated, Steve Rolles added: "Clearly the law and more specifically politics is getting in the way of doctors being able to get the medicines that they think are appropriate for their patients to those patients.

"An awful lot of people across the country who want medical cannabis and derive benefit from it are breaking the law to get it."

He believes the reason the Government has not yet legalised medical cannabis is due to "a vague concern that they will somehow be portrayed as soft on drugs."

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