Amando Ianucci nearly breaks the internet by teasing plan for Malcolm Tucker-Alan Partridge Brexit show

Armando Ianucci sent fans into overdrive this morning

Could actors Steve Coogan (l) and Peter Capaldi reprise their most famous roles in a Brexit double-act?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Given the in-fighting in the Cabinet, the prospect of a no-deal Brexit and Theresa May's omnishambles last week, it seems rather important.

TV comedy guru Armando Ianucci has teased the possibility of Malcolm Tucker returning to cast his wicked spells over the Brexit farago.

And, what's more, he's dropped an even more intriguing prospect into the mix: that TV's favourite regional radio host Alan Partridge will be joining him.

Ianucci, how brought Tucker to life in The Thick Of It and worked with Steve Coogan to create Partridge, sent fans into overdrive with two rapid-fire tweets this morning.

First he tweeted: "I have have good news later for those asking for Malcolm Tucker on Brexit..."

Then he followed up with the same wording, only with 'Alan Partridge' inserted in place of Tucker's name.

Both tweets have been retweeted hundreds of times as fans salivate at the prospect of the most ruthless character in British TV history teaming up with the most hapless.

It's hard to see how the pair together. One can only imagine that Tucker would rip Partridge's head off the first time Alan came to him with one of his whacky ideas for a TV series. Plus Partridge's rampant euroscepticism might sit rather uneasily with Tucker's realpolitik.

However, it would certainly be fun to see them try and make it work. And, judging by the comments left by fans on Twitter, a Partridge-Tucker double-act would go down extremely well.