'Amber Rudd fills me with dread': Critics tear into Home Secretary over Salman Abedi

Amber Rudd claims Salman Abedi was know to authorities 'up to a point'

Amber Rudd expects the critical threat level to be temporary

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Home secretary Amber Rudd has faced a firestorm this morning following her remarks about Salman Abedi.

Rudd said the suspected Manchester Arena bomber was known to authorities "up to a point," but this only fuelled the fire of criticism from people asking why more wasn't known about Abedi - or done to stop him.

She has also been criticised for an interview with BBC Breakfast in which she divulged little information about the investigation into Monday night's attack.

Rudd did say that 984 troops have been deployed in key public locations due to the terror threat level, and up to 3,800 personnel are available.

However this has failed to deter the critics, as you can see from the responses below.