Amber Rudd foreign worker plans 'worrying', says migrant spokesman

Amber Rudd: Migrant spokesman expresses concerns over foreign workers plans

Amber Rudd (Getty)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Amber Rudd's plans to make employers disclose what percentage of their workforce isn't British have been called "worrying" by a leading migrant rights spokesman. 

The Home Secretary wants to encourage the hiring of local British people by enforcing the disclosure, as a way to smoke out employers who might also be flouting immigration laws.

Don Flynn, from the Migrant Rights Network, suggested this development isn't good news.

"It's really worrying," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer. "The government is renewing its determination to roll out what they call a hostile environment for migrants to make it difficult for people from abroad to live here.

"Amber Rudd has accused companies of recruiting from abroad in preference to British workers. It's not that they are deliberately doing this, it's that employers can't get British workers to do the jobs.

"There's a real problem in that employers look for people with generic skills. Why do we need to police the labour markets like she's doing?"