Amber Rudd’s daughter rushes to her defence over ‘no platforming’

Friday, March 6, 2020

Amber Rudd’s daughter has defended her mother on social media after the former Home Secretary was “no platformed” by Oxford University.

Ms Rudd was due to speak at the UN Women Oxford event for International Women’s Day, but her talk was cancelled just 30 minutes beforehand.

It was after the student society voted to cancel it following pressure from some students who claimed her immigration policies had marginalised minority groups.

But her daughter, Flora Gill, took to social media today to share her anger at the decision made by her old university.

She wrote: “I don’t care if you disagree with her. It’s f*****g rude. This is NOT how women should treat each other.”

UN Women Oxford posted on its Facebook page: “Following a majority vote in committee, tonight's event with speaker Amber Rudd has been cancelled.

"We are deeply sorry for all and any hurt caused to our members and other wom*n and non binary people in Oxford over this event.”

The group had invited Ms Rudd to speak about her experience of being a woman in Parliament, while also promising an “honest and frank discussion” about the impact of her policies.

After she was dropped, the former Conservative-turned-Independent politician said students should “stop hiding and start engaging”.

She tweeted: “Badly judged & rude of some students last night at Oxford to decide to ‘no platform’ me 30 mins before an event I had been invited to for #IWD2020 to encourage young women into politics. They should stop hiding and start engaging.”

talkRADIO’s Mike Graham was also not impressed, saying it was “incredibly undemocratic” to cancel guest speakers “just because you don’t like what they’re going to say”.

He discussed the matter with Emily Carver, Head of Media at the Institute of Economic Affairs, who warned that a minority of students are “running the roost and dictating what the rest of the student body should be able to listen to.”

“Do they not realise that they have so much privilege just being there at Oxford University, having the opportunity to listen to a former Home Secretary? This is a privilege and they're just throwing it away,” she added.

Watch the full interview with Ms Carver above.

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