Ambulance service slams 'abusive' note left for paramedics

The note called paramedics 'dumbass'

Thursday, November 28, 2019

South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) have slammed an "unacceptable" note left for two paramedics who blocked a driveway with their emergency vehicle.

The pair from SCAS were attending a medical emergency at a property in Lymington, Hampshire, when the note calling them a "dumbass" was left on their ambulance.

The ambulance trust shared a photo of the note on Facebook, which read: "Dumbass! You are fully blocking my driveway!".

SCAS wrote: "This sort of abuse is completely unacceptable. When our staff attend medical emergencies, they need to park as close as possible to the patient’s house in order to get to them and start treatment as quickly as possible.

"Whilst they will always try and park without obstructing traffic or anyone’s driveway, it’s not always possible as the alternative of parking further away could add minutes to their arrival time that the patient they’ve been sent to simply doesn’t have."

The crew received support from members of the public on social media, with Facebook user Ellen Taylor writing: "Unbelievable just hope that person is never the emergency they might be more understanding and compassionate."

Another, Jennifer Oborn, posted: "What selfish people with no empathy for others."

Assistant director of operations at the ambulance trust, Paul Jefferies, said it was "sad and disappointing" that such a note had been left.

"Our staff do think about where they are parking, but they also think about needing to move the patient out of the property in the quickest and safest way if they need to go to hospital," he added.

"We would ask the public to think about if it was their family member or loved one that we were going to, I'm sure they would want us to park as near as possible in order to start treatment as soon as possible."

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