American teacher abducted by gunmen in Yemen - reports

A Yemeni fighter stands on an armed pick up truck near Kahbub, Yemen on September 15, 2016. Yemen was engulfed in civil war last year, with the rebel Houthi group rising up against the government (Getty)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gunmen in Yemen have abducted an American teacher from an English-language school in Sanaa, according to reports.

Witnesses claimed armed men in civilian clothes entered the school and forced the teacher into their car. Colleagues and students reportedly looked on as the incident happened.

A US State Department spokeswoman told Reuters they "are aware of reports of U.S. citizens being held in Yemen", but cannot comment any further.

A number of foreigners were previously abducted before civil war broke out in March 2015, and the Houthi rebel movement seized Sanaa. During the conflict several more Americans have been abducted on espionage charges by the Iranian-allied Houthis, who have accused the United States of arming and supporting a Saudi-led coalition on the side of the exiled government.