Anderson Cooper rips into Donald Trump for mentioning chief-of-staff's son in Niger soldier death statement

Anderson Cooper rips into Donald Trump for mentioning chief-of-staff's son

Donald Trump mentioned the death of John Kelly's son in Afghanistan to defend his delay in calling bereaved families

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

US newscaster Anderson Cooper blasted Donald Trump for mentioning the death of his chief-of-staff's son in his response to the deaths of four soldiers in Niger. 

The US President was criticised over his failure to response to the killings on October 4, at the hands of militants suspected to be connected to Islamic State. 

In his defence, Trump said that Barack Obama and previous presidents hadn't always called the families of soldiers who die in the line of duty.

He specifically mentioned the son of John Kelly's son Robert who died at the age of 29 after stepping onto a landmine in Afghanistan.

This provoked a reaction from Cooper, who slammed the president for mentioning the fallen soldier against his father's wishes. 

The journalist said previous presidents had honoured the dead in different ways and had done so without attacking news reporters. 

At the time of Robert Kelly's death, Obama didn't call the family, but invited them to a private breakfast. 

In blistering criticism of the current US President, Cooper said previous heads of government had never wanted to make the tragic meetings "about themselves" and condemned the President for making  "his chief of staff's profoundest personal loss" public merely to ensure "he cannot be wrong."