Andre Spicer: Father whose five-year-old was fined for selling lemonade describes her ordeal

'Council sent four officials to tell five-year-old she couldn't sell lemonade on the street', says father

The girl set up a lemonade stand (Stock image)

Friday, July 21, 2017

Four local council enforcement officers approached a five-year-old girl to tell her she couldn't sell lemonade without a permit in East London, a father has revealed.

The man let his five-year-old daughter sell lemonade on the street but they were fined £150, or £90 if it was paid within 14 days, by the local council - because they didn't have a permit.

Andre Spicer told Paul Ross that those passing by "saw a little girl there selling lemonade and you could see their faces lighting up. They were really happy.

"After about half an hour four officials approached us from across the road. They began reading long scripts. It was basically about trading without a permit."

His daughter was "screaming and crying because five-year-olds see good and bad and that’s it. A particular authority like a police person or an official is telling you you’re doing a bad thing, then you’re doing a bad thing."

When he spoke to her about potentially doing something similar again "she said 'I’m not too sure, it’s a bit too scary'."

Since the story broke in the media, the fine has now been cancelled.

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