Andrea Jenkyns: 'I'll be surprised if May won vote of no confidence'

Friday, November 16, 2018

Even if Theresa May survived a vote of no confidence, her withdrawl proposal will not get through Parliament, says former Parliamentary Private Secretary in Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

The MP for Morley and Outwood has also claimed that a current government minister has “had enough” of the Prime Minister and will be submitting a letter of no confidence.

Talk of a vote no-confidence in Ms May has gained momentum after Jacob Rees-Mogg publicly announced he’s put a letter in, with him urging other MPs in his party to follow suit.

Talking to Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO, Ms Jenkyns said that if government ministers are submitting letters then “it is time for her to go.”

“I’ve had so many people in the last few weeks tell me  they’ve had enough and that our Prime Minister must go,” she said.

“Very interestingly yesterday, I had a conversation over the phone with a current government minister who said they’ve had enough and they’re also putting a letter in - when ministers start putting letters you know it is time for her to go.”



Theresa May is 'a goner'

An advocate for the Brexiteer group Leave Means Leave, Jenkyns quit from the government role back in May to focus on “fighting Brexit.”

In July she submitted her letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister after the fallout from the Chequers agreement.

Asked by Julia whether May would survive a vote of no confidence, Ms Jenkyns said she would be “very surprised.”

“Back in July when I, and a couple of other colleagues were working on getting other letters in - this was straight after Chequers as it was a non-deal - we had a list of people who had submitted it.

“We had a middle list of people who said they didn’t want to put one in but will vote against her when it goes to a vote of no confidence, and then we had the others who said no or were thinking about it - I’ll be very surprised if she won a vote of no confidence.”

“If she did win a vote of no confidence, it’s worth bearing in mind that her deal will not pass through the house, Labour and the DUP have said, so I think she’s a goner in her current position.”


If she survives a vote of no confidence, and her withdrawal proposal gets rejected by parliament it could trigger a Tory party leadership contest, which some say could distract parliament from finalising a Brexit deal.

There are currently 133 days remaining until the UK is due to leave the EU, and some inside government are worried the time it would take to select a new leader would scupper a deal.

However, Jenkyns reveals this could happen in “two or three weeks” under new Conservative party rules.

“I know there’s been a group of MPs in parliament who’ve been looking at how a leadership contest can be done quickly,” she said.

“In the previous rules last year it would’ve taken longer but what’s happened now is the Conservative central office has centralised the memberships.

“It’s a lot more streamlined; it’s a lot quicker, it can be done in two or three weeks effectively.”