Andrew Bridgen MP: Brexit negotiations are "nothing more than pantomime"

Theresa May

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Andrew Bridgen MP has told James Whale he thinks the Chequers deal has already been agreed, and that ongoing negotiations are "nothing more than pantomime".

Appearing on the Saturday show, usually hosted by Steph and Dom, Conservative MP Mr Bridgen told Whale he is "a bit of a cynic" and believes the Chequers deal has already been finalised.

"I think the deal was already agreed, I think what you’re actually seeing is nothing more than pantomime," he said.

"The current government proposals are deeply unpopular with the Conservative party, deeply unpopular with the country, quite popuar with the EU for obvious reasons.



“The EU have got to say they’re not happy about it, because it’s actually a fantastic deal for the EU. It keeps us under the common rulebook, we’ve lost control of all our laws about manufactured goods and agri-foods, it prevents us doing free trade deals so there’s no competitive advantage.

"We’ll only be able to do with a free trade deal on services, and that’s what we sell to them, so they won’t sign a deal with us."

Ahead of the Conservative party conference, which begins tomorrow, Mr Bridgens predicted that the Prime Minister will "want to turn her guns onto the Labour party" rather than discussing Brexit.

He added: "As long as she doesn’t fall off the stage and say 'Vote Labour', I think she’s probably going to exceed expectations after last year."