Andy Burnham: Jeremy Corbyn knew I wasn't going to attend victory rally

Andy Burnham on why he left Westminster and not attending Jeremy Corbyn's victory rally

The Mayor of Greater Manchester spoke to Paul Ross about his role

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Newly elected Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has told talkRADIO he gave Jeremy Corbyn plenty of warning that he wouldn't be attending the victory rally organised by the Labour leader.

The former Labour MP, who was elected metro mayor of Greater Manchester on Friday, also said he wanted to escape the "London-centric" Westminster bubble and wanted to ensure Manchester becomes a viable challenger to the British capital.

In the aftermath of Burnham's victory, Corbyn came to Manchester to hold a celebration of his triumph - but Burnham himself did not attend. 

However Burnham says he'd always planned to attend a separate event and Corbyn's office were made fully aware of his plans. Rumours of a snub were, he said, nothing more than the "trivia of politics."

He told Paul Ross that, in his new role, his plan is to "break the mould and allow cities to set a new agenda," focusing specifically on combating homelessness and providing high-speed rail transport for the people of Manchester.

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