Andy Woodward says 'there’s no sentence that will be enough' for Barry Bennell

Andy Woodward says 'there’s no sentence that will be enough' for Barry Bennell

Andy Woodward's claims sparked the investigation into Barry Bennell

Monday, February 19, 2018

Andy Woodward has told talkRADIO's sister station talkSPORT there's no sentence that could be long enough for Barry Bennell.

The footballer was abused by Bennell and the police investigation into the former football coach began after Woodward spoke about his experiences. Today (February 19) Bennell is to be sentenced for 43 sexual assaults against several victims between 1979 and 1990.

Woodward, who was in court today, told Jim White: "I just want at the end of the day, hopefully the judge will sentence him to life in prison and he spends the rest of his life there."

However he feels "there’s no sentence that will be enough for that man and the people's lives that he's ruined and the families as well."

He added: "I’ve got no fear of him anymore and I just hope everybody else feels the same because nobody should fear that man.

Woodward hopes other victims will "be able to face him and look him in the eye and that will be some sort of justice for them, really, to be able to do that."

However he has also criticised the FA as he wants to "work in not only football but for children to protect them because I feel like I’d be an ideal ambassador for that."

But "the FA still have not contacted" him despite previously having a meeting with FA chairman Greg Clarke. He said "I’d like them to make contact with me and I want them to speak to me in regards to moving forward and what can be done.

"I have no words for the way they’ve dealt with and handled this."

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