Angela Merkel urged to step in and 'block Brexit' after High Court Article 50 verdict

Angela Merkel urged by academics to "block Brexit" with constructive negotiations

Angela Merkel

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Leading academics in Germany have apparently urged Angela Merkel to step in and "block" Brexit in the aftermath of this morning's High Court verdict.

The annual report by an influential group known as the ‘wise men’ called for the German Chancellor to implement “constructive negotiations to prevent an exit”, despite the fact that Britain voted to leave the EU in June.

The report said: “The German Council of Economic Experts calls for constructive negotiations to prevent an exit, or at the least to come to an agreement that minimises the damage on both sides.

“Due to the consequences, political actors should not assume too soon that the Brexit is a done deal. Even after Britain triggers Article 50, Brexit can still be prevented."

The advice also comes in the wake of the High Court ruling that Theresa May cannot begin exit negotiations without approval granted by a parliamentary vote. 

Mrs May had previously stated that she planned to trigger the secession clause at the end of March 2017, and the Government plans to appeal the decision in a hearing scheduled for early December. 

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